Mobilising law, information and communities

Our ‘Mobilise 3X’ initiative aims to build a social movement to bring about transformative social and systems change.

“Ending violence against women is everyone’s responsibility.”UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, 2010

Social change: A transformative community-owned drive for individual and collective action to change how violence against women is perceived and tolerated.

Systems change: The institutionalisation of social change through the adoption of community-generated ‘Community Mandates’ which reject violence as unacceptable and undertake commitments to women’s rights and ending discrimination.

We aim to mobilise 1 million people in year one, 10 million in year two and 100 million by year three.

Creating change

How do people change? It takes three steps. Becoming aware and recognising the problem. Seeing alternatives to the current status quo. Being empowered to act. Sisters For Change recognises these three steps in our Mobilise 3X strategy.

Mobilising law: Sisters For Change works with partners to train and equip rural paralegals, lawyers and activists in women’s rights.

Mobilising information: Sisters For Change makes information and justice accessible to the world’s most marginalised women by educating women about their rights, disseminating legal information at the grassroots, and providing support to victims of violence as they seek justice. We mobilise local activists – ‘citizen journalists’ – to write about and report on the prevalence of violence against women in their communities. In addition, we provide a safe space for women to meet and learn about internet technologies in our locally-run “Women’s Internet Labs.”

Mobilising communities: Through our ‘Change of heart’ initiative, Sisters For Change mobilises village, town and city leaders across the world to publicly state that they will not tolerate violence against women in their communities.

‘Change of Heart’ campaign

The Sisters For Change ‘Change of heart’ campaign is our inaugural campaign. It aims to empower individuals, families and communities to take personal and collective responsibility to say ‘no’ to violence against women and girls. It seeks to educate and inform women about their rights and how to access justice; to build a ground-swell of public opinion against acceptance of violence against women, and to mobilise women, men, girls and boys to publicly and privately declare that violence is unacceptable and must end.

Sisters For Change will pilot the ‘Change of heart’ initiative, working with local partners, in India and Indonesia in 2014-15.

Priority communities

Sisters For Change will launch the ‘Change of heart’ campaign working with and through partners in rural communities and in urban areas where marginalised women live and work – such as slums, garment industry housing compounds and suburbs with a high density of domestic workers.

The community campaign will mirror the roll-out of the ‘Monitor’ initiative, working in tandem with this programme to support and reinforce its achievements and results.

Get Involved

Every woman, man, boy and girl in every community in the world has a role to play in the movement to end social acceptance of violence against women.

Support our ‘Change of heart’ campaign by donating to us or volunteering your time. Help us reach out to more villages and communities in Asia and change the lives of millions of women and girls worldwide

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