Connecting the grassroots using Web & mobile

The Sisters For Change Community Network

Sisters For Change believes that by building a network to connect individuals, groups, communities and organisations working to prevent, investigate, respond to and remedy violence against women and girls, we can build a stronger community of practice for collective learning and shared endeavour. By interacting, sharing and supporting one another, we can all learn more, do better work, develop more innovative solutions and deliver greater impact on policy, laws and social change around the world.

Sisters For Change connects its community through simple and robust Web and mobile technologies and applications. We see technology as an enabler to ensure that our community can achieve its maximum impact, and that our platform is easily accessible, scaleable and sustainable.

We will launch Phase 1 of our Community Network in late 2014.

Our aims

The Sisters For Change Community Network aims to:

Bring minority and marginalised groups together to give them a stronger voice and bargaining position to claim their rights.

Build alliances and solidarity among members, to increase members’ organisational reach and enhance advocacy efforts.

Strengthen organisational practices of members by showcasing success stories and high impact interventions

Support actors in the field of women’s rights and violence against women by collecting data and evidence, sharing access to it and coordinating advocacy efforts.

Stimulate greater innovation and ability of local organisations to operate on a larger scale across provinces and countries.

Our long-term goal

Our long-term goal is to build a community network that is recognised for its active thought-leadership and stewardship in the field of women’s rights and combating violence against women, esteemed due to its strong data-driven research and criminal justice monitoring initiatives, and sought out for its collaborative problem-solving, innovation & community support campaigns.

Our members

NGOs and women’s rights organisations working to combat violence against women, or to provide services to women who have suffered violence
Research institutions involved in projects relating to violence against women and girls
Technology organisations working in women’s rights, women’s empowerment, women’s education or on initiatives to combat violence against women
Development organisations working on women’s rights
International NGOs running campaigns or programmes specifically in the area of violence against women
Funders, foundations and investors focused on women’s rights, violence against women and women’s empowerment
Individuals and community activists involved in social change initiatives with a focus on violence against women

Initially we are especially keen to have members from organisations in countries where our Monitor and Mobilise 3X initiatives have launched. In 2014, this will be India and Indonesia.

Join us!

If you would like to become a member and help build the Sisters For Change Community Network, meet peers and share learning and ideas, fill out our membership form today.