Sisters For Change strongly believes in learning from our peers and building on progress already made. Access these tools and techniques below to develop your organisation’s thinking.

Victories over Violence: Ensuring Safety for Women and Girls

Women’s Learning Partnership, 2012

This is a practitioners’ manual, comprised of 16 sessions which unfold in a progression, moving from violence at home, to the community, to the transnational and international arenas. Case studies are drawn from societies as diverse as Haiti, Malaysia, Nepal, and the US.

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Promoting Women’s Rights: A Resource Guide for litigating International Law in Domestic Courts

Global Rights, 2006

This guide was designed as a practical was designed as a practical tool to help lawyers and other legal advocates use international law to advance the promotion and protection of women’s human rights in their daily lives. Th is guide considers how lawyers can integrate international human rights standards into domestic litigation and legal policy advocacy.

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WHO: Preventing intimate partner and sexual violence against women

World Health Organisation, 2013

This document aims to provide sufficient information for policy-makers and planners to develop data-driven and evidence-based programmes for preventing intimate partner and sexual violence against women.

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Customary Justice: From Program Design to Impact Evaluation

International Development Law Organisation, 2011

This volume … makes a substantial contribution to existing practical guidance on working with customary justice systems. It highlights the tremendous diversity in customary systems and the linkages between dominant norms and localized socio-economics, security conditions and cultural imperatives.

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Fundraising guide for community based organisations

Women Thrive, 2005

This guide introduces some of the basic concepts of professional fundraising and shows a variety of ways that organizations can raise money beyond grants. It contains practical advice based on years of experience in professional fundraising in the United States.

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Unpacking SASA: Mobilising communities to inspire social change

Raising Voices, Uganda, 2013

SASA! takes a benefits-based approach to violence prevention. Instead of blaming or negative messages, SASA! encourages community members to think about the positive effects of balancing power in relationships between men and women.

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Mobilising Men in Practice: Tools, Stories, Lessons

Institute of Development Studies, 2012

Mobilising Men in Practice brings together stories and lessons …as well as some of the tools used by the Mobilising Men partners in India, Kenya and Uganda. It is intended to inspire and guide others who are committed to engaging more men in efforts to address sexual and gender-based violence within the institutions in which we live our lives.

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Techniques for engaging men in women’s activism

Femin Ijtihad, 2013

This report provides a list of techniques and questions for organisations to apply when creating partnership programmes or initiatives to empower men in efforts concerning women’s rights.

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Girl Safety Toolkit: A resource for practitioners

Girl Hub, 2014

This toolkit provides practical advice and guidance on how to keep girls safe within programmes and how to manage and address risks if they arise. This toolkit actively encourages development practitioners to involve girls in the process so they can help to decide on activities that will help them participate in programmes safely.

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Integrating Mobiles into Development Projects

US AID, 2014

Technologies like the mobile phone are exciting because they place an incredible channel for information and service delivery in the hands of the poor at a never before seen scale. Today’s phones are more powerful than the first computers and, therefore, are tools for two-way communication that can support rich content and a diverse array of applications…The opportunities to harness mobile technology to solve development
challenges are immense.

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Using Social Media for the prevention of violence against women

Partners for Prevention Working Paper, 2013

Lessons learned from social media communication campaigns to prevent violence against women in India, China and Viet Nam.

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Harnessing Collaborative Technologies: Helping funders work together better

Monitor Institute & Foundation Center, 2013

Many funders have begun to use technology to explore new ways of working together, from casual peer learning to joint funding and strategy development. This report is a story about how new tools are changing the way funders collaborate.

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UNDP Gender Analysis Learning & Information Pack

UNDP, 2001

This Information Pack is intended for use both as a basic resource on gender analysis for the interested
reader or for use in a training setting.

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Monitoring toolkit for community rights workers programmes

International Centre for Research on Women, 2010

This toolkit is designed to introduce the reader to project monitoring and why it is an essential component of any community rights workers program. The reader is taken through a step-by-step process to develop a monitoring system. .

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The CES Resource Guide: Evaluating outcomes and impact

Charity Evaluation Services, 2013

A compendium of evaluation resource methods and examples, with links to dozens of real-life applications and tools.

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IDEO Human Centred Design Toolkit

IDEO, 2014

Human-Centered Design (HCD) can help you enhance the lives of people living on less than $2/day. This process has been specially-adapted for organisations that work with communities in need in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Human-Centered Design will help you hear the needs of constituents in new ways, create innovative solutions to meet these needs, and deliver solutions with financial sustainability in mind.

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