What's in a name?

What’s in a name?

Co-founded by Alison and Jane Gordon, twin sisters from Northern Ireland, Sisters For Change is a non-profit organisation that seeks to end social acceptance of violence against women and girls and transform the lives of millions of women and girls across the world.

We work with local partners – our sister organisations – women, men, girls and boys, NGOs, corporates, communities and families – to deliver innovative justice, information and mobilisation initiatives at the grassroots that create lasting social change.

What’s in a logo?

For human beings, a small pair of chromosomes determines the sex of a person. Women have two of the same chromosomes, named XX. Men have two distinct sex chromosomes, named XY.

So much of what makes us human is the same. And yet it is this apparently small difference at the root of our DNA that gives women and men our unique make-up, our essence – and is often used to decide our place in the world.

In creating our logo, Sisters For Change drew inspiration from our genetic coding to highlight how much women and men have in common – but also to insist upon and celebrate the brilliance, the vibrancy and the difference that makes a woman, a woman.

In addition, our logo is an active statement of intent and change. ‘X’ is the mark we make to elect governments. ‘X’ is the mark that signifies a name when someone can’t write. And ‘X’ is a sign that something is wrong.

The Sisters For Change logo is therefore a symbol that insists violence against women and girls is wrong and a call to action to make this violence socially unacceptable across the globe – from the streets of Belfast to the alleys of Bangalore, from the skyscrapers of New York to the rice fields of Yogyakarta.

Sisters For Change. Celebrating female. Working to end social acceptance of violence and discrimination against women across the world. Support us today.