“For millions of women and girls … the rule of law means little in practice.”

This quotation, from a UN Women report featured in our Resources section (download report), highlights the stark reality that states are failing to develop coherent and sustainable criminal justice responses to tackle violence against women and girls.

The result is that millions of women worldwide are unable to obtain justice; the vast majority of perpetrators of violence against women are not held legally accountable; and states are sending a message that violence is acceptable and inevitable.

We want to break this vicious cycle.

“Without justice, women are disenfranchised, disempowered and denied their rightful place. But with sound legal and justice systems, women can flourish and contribute to the advancement of society as a whole.”
UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon

We are designing a ground-breaking Criminal Justice Monitoring Model to address the current absence of state accountability for violence against women. The model will hold domestic criminal justice bodies – targeting in particular police, prosecutors, courts – accountable through public reporting on their compliance – or failure to comply – with domestic laws and international human rights obligations.

We will launch our new monitoring model in three field pilots in 2014-2015. Find out more.