Thoughtful people need to speak out.

Too many men and women, too many leaders and too many communities continue to tolerate violence against women and girls, and continue to accept discrimination on the grounds of gender.

“Too many otherwise thoughtful people continue to see the fortunes of women and girls as somehow separate from society at large. They nod, they smile and then they relegate these issues once again to the side-lines.” Hillary Rodham Clinton

Often excuses for violence against women are given as ‘cultural’, ‘religious’ or explained as some kind of societal ‘norm’ or ‘custom.’ But these excuses are not credible. As the UN Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women says, “It should be borne in mind that it is not culture that dictates a women to be beaten, mutilated or killed, rather it is those who monopolise the right to speak on behalf of culture.”

To counter the power imbalance between men and women that continues to sustain habits and customs of violence against women, Sisters For Change is building a social movement of grassroots communities and activists – women, men, girls and boys – and of “thoughtful people” across the globe to end social acceptance of violence against women.

This movement empowers individuals, families and communities to speak out. It educates and informs women about their rights and how to access justice. It mobilises village, town and city leaders across the world to publicly state that they will not tolerate violence against women in their communities. Find out more.