Take action. Donate.

Take action. Donate.

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When justice fails

Amudha is 19 and lives in rural Karnataka, India. She comes from the lowest class, a group that some call the ‘untouchables’. Amudha was returning home one day when landowners from the neighbouring village kidnapped her, beat her, raped her and dumped her at the side of the road to die. No one could possibly blame Amudha. But they did. When Amudha’s father went to the police, the police refused to register the case but instead informed the landowners. They threw Amudha and her family off their land and had her dad arrested. Where will Amudha find justice?

Suri lives in a small village in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. When she was 14 years old, Suri was raped by her uncle. She didn’t tell anyone because she was frightened and she knew they would blame her. She hid her pregnancy and tried to give birth in secret. But there were complications so Suri went to the local hospital. She survived but her baby died. She couldn’t go home because the people from her village wanted to punish her for ‘killing’ her baby. Who will protect Suri?

Yashoda was 17 when she was forced to leave home and travel 300 miles to look for a job in Bangalore to support her family. Yashoda grew up believing she had to put up with men being violent. She had watched her father beat her mother all her life. She found a job as a garment worker and her manager told her he would fire her and throw her out on the street if she didn’t have sex with him and his friends. Yashoda is now 30. She is a sex worker. Her ex-manager is her pimp. When will laws to stop violence against women mean anything to Yashoda?

Demanding justice

Sisters For Change is working with garment factory workers and Dalit women in Southern India, and with widows, domestic workers and marginalised women in rural Indonesia to challenge the violence that blights their lives. We are empowering them through knowledge of their rights and the law, and are working with them to break down the structural barriers that prevent them from accessing justice. Together we are fighting to end the discrimination that violates women’s rights and freedoms on a daily basis.

We need your help. Donate today. Together we can make justice work for women and girls like Amudha, Suri and Yashoda.