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Sisters For Change is launching Phase 1 of its community network in late 2014.
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Who can join?

NGOs and women’s rights organisations working to combat violence against women, or to provide services to women who have suffered violence

Research institutions involved in projects relating to violence against women and girls

Technology organisations working in women’s rights, women’s empowerment, women’s education or on initiatives to combat violence against women

Development organisations working on women’s rights

International NGOs running campaigns or programmes specifically in the area of violence against women

Funders, foundations and investors focused on women’s rights, violence against women and women’s empowerment

Individuals and community activists involved in social change initiatives with a focus on violence against women

Priority countries for Phase 1 are organisations in Asia where we are launching our pilots, but we welcome members from around the globe.

How to join

Join today! Become a member and help grow and strengthen the Sisters For Change Community Network. Simply fill out the membership form below and we’ll get in contact to bring you on board.